The Company

Within a short span after inception, Emfab has become the leading manufacturer and distributor of galvanized pipes in Kerala. The unit equipped with the most modern production system situated in Pallippuram, near Cherthala, Kerala operate, produce and supply a comprehensive range of galvanized pipes.

We always nurture dynamic partnerships with our suppliers, ensuring a healthy respect for product quality and reliable service. Quality products of high strength and high durability at competitive prices- This is what makes Emfab the leader in the market.


Who we are

We are manufacturers of world-class quality Galvanized pipes and tubes. We produce high quality products in different ranges, sizes, and thickness. Our GI Pipes use the right quality of steel and have the right thickness, Zinc coating. Our wide range of Galvanized Steel Pipes & Steel Tubes are suitable for multi-purpose functions.

What our team do?

Emfab manufactures, exports and supplies galvanized pipes meeting the various needs of construction industry, automobile industry and so on. Founded with the vision to cater to the needs of clients who want the best, Emfab strive to provide quality products at affordable rates. Emfab products are made in such a way to power all construction needs and requirements.

Why galvanized pipes?

Designers, builders and consumers, who want long lasting structural performance have already switched to galvanized pipes and tubes. As they could resist the attack of wind, water and road salts, it has become an indispensable resource in construction projects. The ability to withstand corrosion from water and other elements is making the product best choice for high durability pipes.

Emfab Galvanized Pipes Applications